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Sailor Moon Trading Cards updated!! New Cards, magnets & bookmarks add !

I have spend quite a while updating my extras listing to reflect what has sold out and in addition to that I have been able to add in more cards/sets that I have not had a chance to add before. Many odd and unique sets. Both Japanese and bootleg. I ran out of room on my personal LJ post for Sailor Moon trading Cards so I had to make another thread for it! Pics are in there and I can supply larger pics if needed *ON NEW ADDITIONS* to the threads just ask!

 PP, PP mini,  Carddas, Carddas Memorial, Carddas mini, Carddas W, Carddas half, Carddas EX, Hero, 
Graffitti, Wedding   banpresto, Banpre TC and mini,  Bromide, Film Collection, Sailor Moon World,  Nakayosi manga cards,  R Festival, Fortune Foil gum card, Gift Idols, Menko cards, Idol Cards, Scented Idols, Heart Ribon, Moon Solider cards, Manga bookmark minis, Fake Idols .......... can all be found here

Charamide, Marumiya, cel cards, transparent cards, US card releases, Metal cards can all be found here on this page -->

Enjoy and let me know if I can help fill any holes in anyones collections.

My feedback speaks for itself. My info can be found in the following area...
Thank you.

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