Kanda_Im_mortal (kanda_im_mortal) wrote in anime_cards,

Looking for Clamp in Cardland SR, UR, SE and Promo


I'm fan of Clamp and collecting many things related to their creativity - for example - manga, artbooks, fanbooks, figures and other...
So I gather Clamp in Cardland cards.
And I'm ready to buy:

Clamp in Cardland Vol. 2
UR 02-021, SR 02-061

Clamp in Cardland Vol. 5
UR 05-003, UR 05-006, N (Story) 05-009, UR 05-012, UR 05-019, UR 05-025, UR 05-027, SE 05-028, SR 05-039, SR 05-054, SR 05-059, SR 05-065, SR 05-070, SR 05-105

Clamp in Cardland 5 Parallel
05-029B, 05-039b, 05-059b and 05-070b

Clamp in Cardland Vol. 6
SR 06-015, SR 06-025, SR 06-042

Clamp in Cardland Promo
PR 018, PR 01-025b, PR 01-079b, PR 02-036b, PR 02-046b

Tsubasa Chronicle Trading Collection
SP 3, SP 5

And I'm ready to buy them for good money or trade. My wish list and the extra list can help you.
I would be glad if someone responds to my post! Please write the PM or e-mail me to: krusnik02abel@gmail.com, I'll wait!
Thanks in advance!
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