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Sailor Moon card update!!

Ok I have updated my listings AND ADDED Card #'s for JUMBO CARDS!!! In some cases I have pics too.

Listings for these cards ... 
~☆Doll Cards ~☆PP magnets ~☆Morgaya ~☆Charamide
~☆Jumbo Carddas ~☆Jumbo Banpresto ~☆DX Prism Pro  
~☆Promides ~☆Cardzillion cards and other US series Trading Cards Can be found here on this LJ thread..

I also have...
~☆ Fake Idol Cards   ~☆ Metal Cards  ~☆ Cel Cards  ~☆ Transparent textured cards  ect.
These can be found here at the following link:

And of course my main card listing for Sailor Moon ...
~☆PP Cards ~☆Carddas Cards ~☆Carddas Mini  ~☆PP Mini
~☆Hero ~☆Graffitti ~☆Carddas Memorial ~☆Carddas W
~☆Carddas EX and Carddas Half  ~☆Bromides  ~☆Film  
~☆Nakayosi Cards  ~☆R Festival  ~☆Fortune Foil
~☆Menko Cards   ~☆Gift Idol cards  ~☆Idol cards
~☆Scented Idol cards  ~☆Heart Ribon Cards
~☆Moon Solider Cards  ~☆Banpresto & Mini's  ~☆World  

can be found here at this link ...

Shipping is additional to purchase and I do and can combine items for overseas and at home orders. Please let me know if there are any questions...
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~❤~ GSJ older:

~☆ My main site: ☆~

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