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Anime Trading Cards

Share, Trade, Collect

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Welcome to anime_cards, the Anime Trading Card community! If you collect anime trading cards and are looking to trade extras, find specific cards, or just chat with other anime trading card enthusists, this is the place!

If you need any help, questions or suggestions please feel free to contact one of the mods.

Head Moderator: rampala_quistis


+ all topics must be related to anime trading cards.
+ NO SPAM. If you are having a sale and selling things other than trading cards, you are allowed to advertise for the trading card portion of your sale only in this group. Posts for things other than trading cards will be removed and offending posters will have their posting privileges revoked.
+ we have zero tolerance for rudeness, so please be polite and if you are having a problem with another member contact one of your mods.
+ no advertising other communities. if you would like to affliate, please contact one of the mods and we'd be happy to do a banner/link exchange.
+ once you've joined the community you are required to create a "member list" or a list of all the cards you have, are willing to trade, and are looking for. please view the member list template here for guidelines.
+ member lists will be added to the memories section, so when your collection changes, please simply edit the original post.
+ please be prompt about creating your member list. if you have not created one within a week of joining, you will be removed from the community. you are free to rejoin at any time, but the same policy applies.
+ after creating your member list, feel free to post in the community about anything related to anime cards, but please do not make numerous posts about what cards you are looking for-- that's what your list is for! if there is a specific card you are desperately looking for, you may make a second post for it, but please keep these to a minimum.
+ if you'd like to make a trade/offer to a member, please reply to their list and conduct business likewise. do not make a seperate post to initate a trade.
+ please ask any questions, make suggestions, etc.! we're always looking for ways to improve the community.

member lists

These are lists created by each community member with what cards they have, are trading and are looking for. If you're new the community and looking for certain cards, please look through these first!

+ Member Lists by Series


These are all resources for anime cards traders and enthusiasts. Know you're missing a card, but don't know what it looks like? Wondering how many cards are in a set? These links should have your answers!

+ Animecards.org

Card Captor Sakura
+ Card Captor Sakura Encyclopedia: Carddas series 1, 2 & 3, PP Cards, Cardass Masters series 1, 2 & 3

Shoujo Kakumei Utena
+ Petals in the Wind: Comprehensive Utena card site including Cardass Masters Series 1 & 2, Sega Saturn Cards, Amada PP Cards, and Movic Lami Cards
+ Utena Cardass Masters Series 1 & 2
+ Adolescence of Utena Movie E-Graphics Cards
+ Utena Tarot Deck


+ utena_hush :: Utena Hush Textless Icontest +
+ utena_choir :: Utena Lyrical Icontest +
+ theoygevalt :: The Oy Gevalt Photo Challenge +

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